Traumatic Brain Injury

Our Brain Injury Attorneys Will Fight for Proper Compensation

Any accident may result in severe injuries such as severe bleeding or broken bones, but they may also result in brain injuries. Many motor vehicle incidents, including car accidents and truck rollovers, result in some degree of brain damage or serious spinal cord injury.

If you suffer any form of brain injury, it is important that the brain injury attorneys at Gridley, Ward & Hamilton are contacted immediately for optimal treatment and assistance. Brain injuries are most effectively treated within the first year.

We may best assist you in recovering compensation from the responsible parties. Brain injuries can result from numerous injuries. Frequently they occur from striking your head against a hard object.

When you hit your head against a solid object, it transfers pressure to your brain which ultimately bruises your brain. This may result in irreparable brain damage or memory loss. This type of brain damage injury could result from a motorcycle accident, car crash, truck collision, a multi-vehicle pileup accident, freeway accident or slip and fall.

Our Ogden Brain Damage Attorneys have represented various clients who have suffered brain injuries. We have successfully assisted clients in receiving proper medical attention and obtaining favorable settlements for their brain damage injuries.

Brain injuries can also result when someone is forced to stop suddenly. This type of brain injury will cause your brain to move forward in your skull. Your brain will then be bruised where it contacts the front of your cranium as the two come into contact.

This type of brain injury could result when you are rear-ended by another car. Specifically, this brain trauma injury could result from whiplash – where your head is thrown-forward while your brain moves backward contacting the rear of your cranium.

If there's any concern that you or a loved one are suffering from brain trauma, contact our brain injury lawyers directly to discuss the events leading up to this accident. Our firm’s record high Utah jury verdict was for a 10-year old boy with an injured brain.

Brain Injuries Can Have Lasting Effects

Every brain injury accident causes different ailments and injuries to each brain injury victim. These symptoms vary by individual. Many of the signs or symptoms of traumatic brain injuries are not immediately noticeable.

As a result of these brain injury accidents and the symptoms following the accident, the injured victim may be unable to return to work or to perform common everyday tasks. A severe traumatic brain injury requires constant care, attention and support by a family member or a hired caregiver.

Similarly, the injured victim may lack the necessary motor skills to perform daily tasks, conduct a casual conversation or the ability to walk. As these people may require round-the-clock supervision, it is essential that they receive the maximum compensation.
Brain Injury

Have You Suffered a Brain Injury in Utah?

Our attorneys understand and acknowledge that no settlement or jury verdict will reverse the effects of your brain injury, but such compensation could assist you with past medical expenses, physical therapy, lost wages, pain and suffering and future medical costs. Call us at 801-621-3317 for a FREE consultation.
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