Product Liability

Skilled Attorneys for Cases of Defective Product Injuries

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product or a malfunctioning device, contact one of our defective product attorneys at 801-621-3317. Get in touch with Gridley, Ward & Hamilton for a FREE confidential initial consultation.

Some products may be manufactured with substandard materials or the product may not be suitable for its stated purpose causing a defective product accident in Ogden. Some manufacturers may even be aware of their defective products, but elect not to recall them and merely hope that no one is seriously injured by their defective products.

Are You Seriously Injured From Defective Products?

After discussing the facts of your particular case in which the defective product seriously injured you, we'll seek adequate compensation for your injuries. We will do all we can to prevent the manufacturer from seriously harming others by holding them accountable for their actions or failure to act resulting in these accidents.

One example of a defective product could be a bear trap that failed to remain open causing an amputation of someone’s hand, finger or arm. Another example could be a heater which catches on fire because it didn’t have proper insulation.
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