Spinal Cord Injury

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury

There are accidents that result due to negligence on the part of others, resulting in different types of injuries. The attorneys at Your Injury Attorneys Are Gridley, Ward & Hamilton in Ogden, UT can help you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

Although some injuries are minor, such as abrasions, lacerations, bruises, and sprains, others are much more severe. Some injuries are life altering, resulting in serious damage to the brain, spine or skin.

These types of injuries typically require extensive medical treatment, surgeries and in some cases, long-term care. If you or a loved one has suffered a severe injury due to another person’s negligence, contact us at 801-621-3317 to schedule your consultation.
Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries can happen in a variety of situations, including car accidents, work accidents and slip and fall accidents. Damage to the spinal cord can cause severe, lifelong and sometimes irreversible damage.

Less severe spinal cord injuries are still likely to result in extensive time off from work and rehabilitation. More severe injuries can result in limited mobility and even a partial or full paralysis. Special medical equipment may be required if paralysis occurs.

Wheelchairs are necessary and most individuals must renovate their homes to make it more accessible. We will work to ensure you're compensated for your past and future medical expenses. We also seek compensation for lost income due to an inability to work.

Utah Personal Injury Protections

The state of Utah guarantees that parties injured in a car accident are reimbursed a minimum of $3,000 regardless of who is at fault. We are solely dedicated to ensure that you receive these benefits in full.
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